Going to the dentist isn't cheap, especially if you don't have dental insurance that covers preventative care. That's why Rock Valley College offers discounted dental care in exchange for a couple hours of your time.

Hands-on learning is important for the students in Rock Valley College's Dental Hygiene program, so if you have more time than you do money, and you need dental care, consider checking out RVC's Dental Hygiene Clinic.

Obviously a trip to RVC's clinic will take more time than at a regular dentist's office because extra time is needed for proper learning. Each dental hygiene student is supervised by registered dental hygenists and licensed dentists are offer services including:

  • Dental exams and oral cancer screenings
  • Professional cleanings, fluoride varnishes and sealants
  • X-rays
  • Desensitization treatments for sensitive teeth...and more.

Services are available for adults and children and those who do not have dental insurance. Here's some of the prices for services offered:

  • Dental exams - $8
  • Teeth cleaning - $15 - $40
  • Dental x-rays - $2 - $30
  • Fluoride treatments - $5

If you want more information and to schedule an appointment at RVC's Dental Hygiene Clinic call 815-921-3235.

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