Dental care isn't cheap, especially if you don't have insurance. Going to the dentist also sucks, but it is extremely necessary for your overall health.

If you don't have dental insurance and haven't had a dental checkup in at least three years, Rock Valley College has a perfect opportunity for you to bite into.

Rock Valley College's Dental Hygiene Program is currently looking for people without dental insurance that would be willing to donate their time, (and mouth), in exchange for some free, basic dental services.

According to RVC's website;

Rock Valley College’s Dental Hygiene Program is looking for patients who have not received regular routine dental hygiene treatment (cleanings) for at least three years. Patients will also receive other dental hygiene preventative services such as oral examinations, oral cancer screenings, fluoride varnish, and x-rays for a low-cost.

In addition, patients who qualify to sit for a licensure exam for students may receive their initial treatment (dental exam, professional cleaning, x-rays, and fluoride varnish) at no cost.

The RVC Dental Hygiene Clinic is also seeking children ages 5-12 years in need of professional cleanings, dental exams, x-rays, and/or sealants.

If you are interested in taking advantage of these services from RVC, there are a few things you should know first.

  • Several appointments may be necessary to complete one service.
  • Appointments usually take three hours
  • Treatment is performed by students who are supervised by registered dental hygienists and licensed dentists.

To schedule an appointment, or for more information on the program, call  (815) 921-3235.

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