As we continue to see the devastation Hurricane Harvey is inflicted on our Texas friends, there are things that we can do right here at home.

The Rock River Valley Blood Center will be involved with blood donations that will be needed in the coming days in Houston. 


According to WREX, "An inter-organizational disaster task force was mobilized Sunday at the national level. It includes all blood centers, like the Rock River Valley Blood Center. They've been asked to help Houston blood centers in any way possible. Everything from maintaining their blood supplies to identifying donations."

Jen Bowman of the Rock River Valley Blood Center, said that it "would be better for people to schedule a blood or plasma donation instead of just walking in."

All blood types are needed, but type O in particular is the most sought after as it is the universal blood type to be used in any situation to save lives.

To schedule your appointment and to find out more on donating blood visit



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