One thing we all have in common is that we feel powerless to help the people of Ukraine. Here's something you can do to take a stand.

Soldier's Life In Ukrainian Trenches As Tension With Russia Simmers
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What can you do to help the people of Ukraine

Social media posts are one of the easiest things we can all do to show a global community of support. But even doing that can sometimes feel like you're doing nothing.

Russia Starts Large-Scale Attack On Ukraine
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Before I share what adult beverage sippers can do to stand in protest...

There are some actual ways you can get involved with helping the people of Ukraine with a monetary contribution.

Doctors Without Borders

There's a team in Ukraine working right now to help residents access needed health care as well as train the country’s doctors and nurses to provide medical treatment.

International Committee of the Red Cross

This week, the agency has been working to provide water to those in Dokuchaevsk and Donetsk and the need will keep growing.

Nova Ukraine

They provide humanitarian aid to those in need in Ukraine.

Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Based in Nevada, Revived Soldiers Ukraine is a nonprofit organization working to provide aid to the people of Ukraine “in support of their fundamental human rights and medical rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers.” Its website lists various ways to help the organization.

Ukraine Crisis Media Center

Based in Kyiv, the Ukraine Crisis Media Center launched in 2014 when Russia occupied Crimea.

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One Thing Illinois Cocktail Drinkers Can Do to Protest Russia's Ukraine Invasion

Cocktail Drinkers! Here's how you can stand in protest to what's happening in Ukraine

There's a bar in Grand Rapids, Michigan that's protesting the invasion by refusing to serve Russian made vodkas.

Bob Quay, owner of Bob’s Bar, will not be serving Smirnoff or Stolichnaya vodka in protest of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Even Bob says it's not much but IT'S SOMETHING.

If those are vodkas that you like to drink, it's time to switch to something else. Again, it's not much but IT'S SOMETHING!

I even have a vodka suggestion that also helps an Illinois vodka maker.

Rock'n Vodka via Facebook
Rock'n Vodka via Facebook

Switch out your Russian vodka for ROCK'N Vodka... 100% sugarcane, non-GMO, and gluten free.

Rock'n Vodka via Facebook
Rock'n Vodka via Facebook

A soon-to-be Illinois legend from a team that includes another Illinois legend, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick.

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