Rock Cut State Park has been a popular destination for visitors and residents in the area.

The thing healthy people have trouble doing during the pandemic is keeping themselves busy. When the weather was bad. People didn't mind staying home and binge-watching television.

Now, that the weather is nice, it's hard for people to stay home. They want to get out and do things. Unfortunately, many of the normal summer activities are not open.

The experts do encourage people to go outside as long as they follow the restriction recommendations. You can only walk around your neighborhood so many times. People are starting to hit the parks including Rock Cut, which was already an attraction. Visitors are coming to town to check it out too.

According to,

“It’s busier than ever. It’s insanely busy. I think it’s busier than before the pandemic. It’s not uncommon to have a few thousand vehicles come in on a busy day, and there have been a lot of busy days.”

That's great news for our community. We need wins whenever we can get them.


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