Looking for something different to do this summer? Try Eagle Cabin out at Rock Cut State Park.

Rock Cut Park is one of those underappreciated locations in the area. I know I never gave it its proper due in the past. I think it was because it was so close. There's some dumb thing in my mind that says really great things have to be far away. It doesn't make sense.

That changed about 6 years ago when I started taking the dogs for a walk around Rock Cut and did some exploring. During one of these walks we came across Eagle Cabin. It's a small wood cabin right on Pierce Lake. It's all by itself and looked absolutely perfect. I needed to try it.

I hopped online to make a reservation and was pleased to find that the cost was only 50 bucks a night. I made the reservation and then I told my sister we were going to have some sibling bonding time in the middle of the woods.

The cabin has electricity but no running water. There are bathrooms a short walk from the cabin. It can be a little spooky at night because you have to take a short trail through the woods but that just adds to the experience in my opinion.

The cabin itself is sparse. It has two rooms, a front and a back. The front room has a small table with two chairs and a queen size bed. The back room has four beds arranged in two stacks of bunk beds. It could technically sleep 6 with two people sharing the queen bed. I let my sister have the big bed while I slept in the cave-like bunk bed. It was quite cozy and slept like a baby.

It's a "camping" experience like no other. Like I said, you're all by yourself with basically no neighbors. Go do it if you can.

Make reservations here. There are a few dates left for the summer before it shuts down for the winter.

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