We've all heard the jokes about wondering if you're Asian food is honestly really meat or is it dog or cat. However, in this case it isn't a joking matter.

Meat farms made purposely for raising dogs for food are alive and well. Several were rescued, sent to Wisconsin animal shelter's and are now up for adoption.

NBC15 reported that back in July that over 150 dogs were rescued from a meat farm in Yesan, South Korea.

Yes, these dogs were put in cages, given little food or human contact to be raised to be eaten.

Ugh.. that just makes my stomach sick. How could anyone eat something that is essentially a pet?

It's so heart breaking  but the good news is they were saved from an awful fate.

"The Sheboygan County Humane Society, [along with 4 other] emergency placement shelters in Wisconsin" took in the dogs.

Sheboygan County Humane Society "received 10 of the [150] rescued dogs." Where they spent time with the dogs getting them adjusted to human contact.to learn to trust them and heal so that they will be ready for adoption.


According to their facebook page, Sheboygan County Human Society, they said that the 10 dogs that were rescued and placed in their care "has their own unique personality, placement into the perfect home is essential. Each one is letting us know when they are ready to find their forever home. Please visit our website myschs.com or stop by SCHS for adoption information! Come visit them today!"

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Oh my gosh, if I had the space I'd so take home these dogs they are so cute. The ones that just tug at my heart are Jeanie, Summer and Richie. You just look at these dogs and your heart melts.

I just love a happy ending to what could have been a very sad story. What horrors these dogs saw and survived is unfathomable, but they're survivors and will be an awesome addition to any one's home.

I always say tat the best dogs are the stray mutts.




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