Well Hurricane Barry definitely dropped lots of rain over the south this weekend. I have some family that still live there so we stayed in touch with them all weekend. The biggest issue with Barry was Flooding and torrential rain. It looks like New Orleans is now officially out of Barry's way but he's not done yet according to the US National Weather Service in Chicago.


They are saying that Barry is heading north. By late today, Barry's outer edge will be up around I-80. Tuesday will bring more clouds from Barry and we can also expect showers east of I-55. I am thinking late Tuesday night into Wednesday will be the worst of it. I have been through quite a few hurricanes and I'm happy to say that as far north as we are, we might see some rain. Hopefully the worst part of the storm is over with. Barry had some crazy rainfall totals though, The hurricane dropped over 20 inches of rain in New Orleans.

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