A new program reading to rescue cats at a local Iowa shelter proves to be helpful in two great ways.

I found this article on ABC7 Chicago's website that was really interesting and a unique way to help cats in a shelter and kids at the same time.

It's been discovered that when children read to cats their voice "soothes" them and makes them more responsive to people. It's a way to help socialize rescue cats and make them more adoptable all the while helping kids improve their reading skills.

Wow! I think that's pretty cool.

I wish they would have had something like that when I was a kid. In my early years I struggled with reading. This certainly would have been helpful for me to read to cats instead of reading aloud in the classroom.

Hmm.. I should ask Donna Apgar from the Winnebago County Animal Services, when she comes in with the pet of the week, if they'll institute this same program? I think that could be a real asset.