My favorite thing about summer is just sitting in the sun, whether at the pool or at home on the patio, and reading.

I got a chance to do that over the weekend. Loving John Grisham's "Testament" right now. Of course maybe I'm biased as he is one of my favorite authors. (By the way his books are way better than the movies.)

If you're finding yourself in need of something  good to read, check out these summertime reads!I found this list through Publisher's Weekly, for the "Best Summer Books, 2014". It has books for every taste: mystery, drama, romance, history.

Fantasy: "Half a King"

Mystery: "The Black Eyed Blonde"

Crime and Drama: "The Mad and the Bad"

Romance: "So Long Marianne"

Publisher's Weekly has the complete list and details about each of the "Best Summer Books, 2014."

Enjoy your lazy, sun-soaking read.

Now if you'll excuse me. I need a refill on my glass of sun tea.