Check out these Summertime Reads
My favorite thing about summer is just sitting in the sun, whether at the pool or at home on the patio, and reading.
I got a chance to do that over the weekend. Loving John Grisham's "Testament" right now. Of course maybe I'm biased as he is one of my favorite authors. (By the way his books…
Summertime Means Sun Tea Time
This weekend was the perfect weekend. Not too hot not too cold, but just right!
Perfect summertime days means it's Sun Tea time!
So break out that Sun Tea Jar (or if your like me a gallon pickle jar) and get to brewing.
All it takes is 4 to 6 Family sized Tea bags a gallon jar filled with cold wat…
Cool Kool-Aid Kids Treats
Summertime. I well remember days as a kid drinking cherry Kool-Aid on the porch with my sister's after playing in yard all day.
One of my favorite treats was when our Mom would make Kool-Aid Popsicles from those old Tupperware molds. Remember those?
Yesterday, I posted 23 Flavors for adult popsicles s…