Before I introduce you to today's Q98.5 Pet of the Week, please allow me to share my own version of Moana's "How Far I'll Go"  that was inspired by HeiHei the cat.

(Cue the music..)

"He's been starting out the edge of his cage for as long as he can remember, never really knowing why.

He wishes he could be the perfect kitty, but he comes back to the shelter, no matter how hard he tries.

Every turn he takes, every tail he tracks
Every friend he makes, every time leads back
To the shelter he knows, but where he wants to go, where he longs to be.... is home."

Now, take a look at this handsome fella, who wants to be your best friend and not Moana's...say hello to, HeiHei the Cat (not the rooster).


If you've never seen Disney's Moana before, please don't hold that, or my bad song remake, again sweet HeiHei. He really is the best and deserves to go home with you today. Start your adoption application online now at

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