I have my wife to thank for turning me into a 'mule' fan. I'm not the biggest pumpkin fan, but I am excited about this drink's ingredients.

A few months after we started dating, my wife got me to try a Moscow Mule at a bar in Geneva, Illinois. We were on our first ever weekend getaway and we found a great spot for lunch just a few blocks from our hotel on the Fox River. The place was, Stockholm's and that copper-mugged cocktail was outstanding. I've loved mules since that day.

What makes this Pumpkin Spice Mule so appealing is that you're still using the mule ingredients you love; vodka and ginger beer. The pumpkin flavor comes from pumpkin spice cider. Then come two more layers of delicious flavor by using vanilla flavored vodka and a cinnamon stick.

I'm not a mixologist, I just pour and sip, which is why there's no recipe included. The friend who shared this cocktail with me said,

"Add these two things (in the photo below) to a regular mule, top it with a little pumpkin spice seasoning, throw in a cinnamon stick and you have yourself a Pumpkin Spice Mule."

'Pumpkin Spice Mule' Might Be Your New Favorite Fall Cocktail

Because I'm now a big fan of mules, and an even bigger fan of the woman (now my wife) who got me to try one, I saved the coaster that was underneath my first ever mule. I highly recommend you try one, from Stockholm's in Geneva, IL.

'Pumpkin Spice Mule' Might Be Your New Favorite Fall Cocktail

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