Food combinations can be a fun topic of conversation. Learning about combos you've never heard or thought about can be hunger-inducing or the extreme opposite. Not everything needs to be blended together when it comes to food. For instance, does pumpkin spice really need to be mixed into everything come fall?

If you answered with an audible "YES!", you'll love pumpkin spice brats sold at a small-town butcher shop in Illinois.


Let's be very serious, people are obsessed with pumpkin scent and flavor starting around late September. For some, the craze might be year-long, which is socially unacceptable (or should be.) My pumpkin-spice obsession has subsided substantially over the last few years. I would be lying though if I didn't admit to drinking a Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew while cranking out this article.

Have Things Gone Too Far With Pumpkin Spice

It would be a challenge to avoid pumpkin and the spice during the fall months, nearly impossible I'd say. In fact, some are toeing the line of absurdity by incorporating pumpkin spice into their products. For instance, a jewelry store in the UK has crafted this ring.

Angelic Diamonds(.com)
Angelic Diamonds(.com)

The ring features a single whipped cream-shaped centre diamond. This is surrounded by a cluster of white diamonds and orange sapphires set in a cup-shaped claw, reminiscent of a warm cup of pumpkin spice-goodness.

It comes in a pumpkin-colored box and, yes, a pumpkin spice aroma will tickle the nose of whoever opens it. This pumpkin spice ring could be yours for a whopping $11,300.

Headon's Fine Meats via Facebook
Headon's Fine Meats via Facebook

Pumpkin Spice Brats In Illinois, For Real

Pumpkin spice-flavored brats? This is perplexing but it's not a hard no for me. Not everyone is on board though. Check out some of the reactions to Headon's Fine Meats photo of their unique brats.


"Just wrong in every way."

"Is this a real thing?"

"lmao wtf..hey I’ll try anything once"

"It's either a bit late or a bit early for an April fools joke, isn't it?"

Not everyone was against the idea and I'm on board with this mindset.

Well, you do maple sausage, right? So pumpkin spice w real maple syrup come on haven’t you guys ever watched chopped!! Get your culinary mind right.

You can find these brats at Headon's Fine Meats in Creston, Illinois.

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