Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) season is upon us, officially on August 28 at Starbucks. This is the first true sign of fall, pumpkin spice everything. I'm in the category of the people the over-consume PSL. Go ahead and add pumpkin spice candles and bathroom sprays to that list, and actual pumpkin pie too. The pumpkin spice-everything phase may have reached an entirely new level, or maybe it hasn't.

There have been multiple images of "pumpkin spice" scented face masks circulating Facebook of late. If this is a real thing, wouldn't the scent be a little bit over an overkill? I mean, I'm a pumpkin spice person but in moderation. I feel like the constant smell of anything can be overdone at some point. Heck, it could very well become overwhelming or maybe even damage your love of that pumpkin-y spicey scent. But, alas, seemingly, it is indeed a thing. Kind of.

Bucktee.com is an online retailer providing personalized gifts based on things that they spot on social media. Of course, from the end of the month through the end of November is PSL season, so why not jump on that train and sell pumpkin spice merchandise. And, of all the items, why not pumpkin spice scented face masks? Sounds like every PSL lover's dream right?


The face mask will set you back about $15 but I wouldn't waste your hard-earned money. The only smell you're getting is however great (or terrible) your breath is. Check out this note in the description.

Note: just design, not actually scented pumpkin spice.

Well thanks for nothing, Bucktee.com. PSL enthusiasts are greatly disappointed.

If you still want to purchase this face mask you can find it HERE.

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