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This can not be surprising news for Illinois residents. Pritzker's new marketing plan to encourage masks should be hint #1. His new $5 million face mask campaign launched this week and the plan is to reach every Illinois resident no matter where they are, where they're looking, or what they're listening to, according to WAND.

The state of Illinois plans to use almost every medium of media possible to spread the campaign, which has the tagline "it only works if you wear it" and compares not wearing a mask to not wearing a seat belt in the car or taking off a helmet while on the field playing football.

Pritzker is done with hearing stories of people who are refusing to wear masks in public. He doesn't think they should immediately be fined but only after they have been reminded to wear a face covering.

... those people certainly should be, you know, reminded again by police and ultimately, if they're absolutely refusing in public, they're putting other people at risk. So it's worthy of considering fine(s) at a local level.

Here's what some folks are saying about this "suggested discussion" Governor Pritzker thinks should happen.

If (and that's a big if) this were to somehow come to fruition it would rest upon local laws, most likely. The question remains, what would be the fine after the first warning? Would it be high enough for those not wearing face coverings to take it seriously? Even more, would this apply to individuals not wearing masks correctly?


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