If President Ulysses S. Grant was alive he would be 193 Years old today.

Last summer, on a sunny day, couple friends and I took the Harleys out on road trip to Galena to do a little sightseeing and shopping. After I picked up lots of tasty candy and overpriced, but yummy popcorn, we began to venture out of town. But, before we left, I insisted that we stop to check out the home of Civil War Hero and former President Ulysses S. Grant. Upon entering the site, I made a shocking discovery.

The first thing I found was that tours inside of President Grant's Galena home are available to visitors on Sundays. I was quite bummed I could not go inside. But, visitors to Galena are still welcome to walk around the grounds.

Ulysses S. Grant and his family arrived in Galena in the spring of 1860 and rented a modest brick home on the west side of the river for approximately $100.00 a year. The home remains a popular tourist attraction in nearby Galena.

After walking around the grounds and I decided to take a peek in the windows. Here's what I discovered:

While most of the house appeared to display a lifestyle reminiscent of the 1860′s, I was shocked when I peered into the kitchen window. Check out what I discovered in this EXCLUSIVE REPORT.

I thought I learned everything in history class. It's time to rewrite the history books: President Grant was a time traveler!