A major break for police in the investigation of two individuals who were murdered in Sycamore while the reward for information has more than doubled.

The Daily Chronicle is reporting that the 2010 white Chevy Impala that they have been looking for has been located in Chicago. This vehicle was taken from the home of two Sycamore residents that were found dead in the rural Sycamore home on August 15th. The vehicle, belonged to  Robert Wilson, 64, and his mother Patricia A. Wilson, 85.

DeKalb County Sheriff Police Photo

The DeKalb County Sheriff Roger Scott told the Daily Chronicle the missing car was located by a Chicago Police Dept tactical unit near the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. Police kept the automobile under surveillance for a few hours to see if anyone tried to enter or take possession of it. No one did. Police say the vehicle did not appear to be damaged or altered in any way and was returned by CPD to DeKalb County on Wednesday.

Evidence technicians are carefully going through the vehicle search for clues. DeKalb County Sheriff's Police issued a flyer they want everyone to share:


DeKalb County Sheriff's Photo

In the meantime, the reward for information has increased to $25,000 through private donations (up from $11,000.00)

The murder presently remains unsolved. Police are asking for anyone with information to contact DeKalb County Crime Stoppers:

  • by phone:815-895-3272
  • e-mail crimestoppers@dekalbcounty.org