28 years ago Robert Wilson of Sycamore won $1 million dollars in the Illinois lottery, now he and his mother are dead.

The fact that the Wilsons were lottery winners adds a twist to the murder investigation. Most of Wilson's neighbors didn't know it as the Wilsons were just regular people who didn't live extravagantly.

20 police investigators have been working around the clock to solve the case. Police have  not revealed the motive behind the murders.

WGN-TV news reports that a homicide investigation remains underway in after the deaths of 85-year-old Patricia Wilson and her 64-year-old son Robert Wilson were found dead in Sycamore on Monday night.

The individuals who committed the crime have not been caught. Residents are reminded to be alert and vigilant.

DeKalb County Sheriff's Police are advising residents:

to remain vigilant until more information develops based on this active investigation. Residents should use basic safety tips and remember to lock their doors and windows, use outside lighting, walking in pairs, and remain aware of your surroundings. At this time there is no one in custody.