Slip on your vans and slap on your snapback cap a skate park could be coming to downtown Rockford.

Or at least that's the hope of it's petitioners.

WREX reports that an online petition has gained over 500 hundred signatures of those who agree to having a skate park put in to the downtown Rockford area.

Supporter Eric Neubauer says "keeping it downtown is key...One of the main reasons we really want a park down here is then kids can still take public transportation downtown from anywhere in the city."

Although, Rockford does have skate parks there are many that are hard to get to for those who haven't a car or a drivers license. Building of a centrally located skate park in the downtown area would be beneficial for everyone.

Petition organizers have yet to settle on a location for the park,  as well as who will be paying for and building the new park.

They say the next step is to present the petition and their ideas to the Rockford Park District's next board meeting.

So what do you think would a skate park be beneficial to Rockford's downtown?

What would you like to see be brought to the downtown area?