If this is just another internet trend at least it doesn't involve Tide pods or indistinguishable clothing colors, right? But, really, who is doing this?

I've never had a burger that wasn't served to me either on the patty or half on or tilted to the side on the plate. I've also never complained about the juices going everywhere because, hey, it's a burger. Despite those facts, there's a new thing on the internet, dare I said "trend"?

People are eating burgers upside down¿¿¿

According to Bro Bible, the reason behind this "movement" is to spot juices for going everywhere.

The idea here is that the top bun is larger and spongier, it’s better suited to soak up all the juices from the burger to lock in the flavor. And the larger top bun is more durable.

Albeit odd to watch someone do, it makes sense. Does this mean, in theory, we would have to put condiments on the bottom bun, which would technically become the top? Ugh, it makes my head hurt and makes me hungry all at the same time. And if you guessed if I would try this, the answer is yes. #dontjudgeme

(Note: Be careful about Bro Bible when you're at work.)

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