Mmmm, Yummy! It's Girl Scout cookie time.

I got my favorites. Thin Mints!

Now you and I can pair our favorite cookies with wine for a taste bud explosion!

I had never even heard of this nor thought about doing it but after running through this list , I want to hunt down some girls scouts to buy some extra boxes of samoas and trefoils now.

According to She Knows and Daily Collegian if you want to make you Girls Scout cookies to pop in flavor there are specific wines you need to pair it with.

For instance the shortbread Trefoils go well with sparkling wines, champagne, or chardonnay.

Thin Mints go well with merlot or pinot noir.

Samoas and a white wine or sparkling wine are terrific together.

Wow! Who knew that Girl Scout cookies could be a high class treat?

To see the complete list of pairings of wines and cookies check out these two links: &