As Rockford is canvasing neighbors to prevent crime with their "Lights and Locks" program.

Another crime prevention mission is happening to a community to just over the stateline, called Operation Porch Light.

The Janesville Police Department is taking on the task of electricians to help light up the neighborhoods to combat crime as well as to build relationships with the residents that are skeptical and distrusting of the police in general.

Operation Porch Light is a new program being carried out by the Janesville police. Cops are going door to door replacing porch lights for 500 homes in the 4th Ward neighborhood. The police department has already stepped up patrols in the area, but they want to continue to bring the crime rate down by adding more lights.

Every home in that neighborhood should have a new porch light within the next two to three weeks. The department is also considering expanding their program to other parts of the city, but for now they want to see how well it works in the 4th Ward neighborhood first.

To see the mission in action watch the WIFR News video below.