Of all the things I have read or experienced in Wisconsin, today was the first time I learned about Janesville's famous "black thong motorcycle man".

(Ok, to be fair, I'm pretty sure Wisconsinites don't call him "black thong motorcycle man", but that's the name I'm going with for the sake of this article).

"Meanwhile in Wisconsin"

If you don't currently like the Facebook page Meanwhile in Wisconsin, you totally should. Every day I see something on this page that makes me giggle and/or smile, and it's a great way to lighten any mood.

Make no mistake, Meanwhile in Wisconsin is purely for entertainment and often you will find yourself thinking; "dang that's funny, but totally not for real, right?" This post I saw today on Meanwhile in Wisconsin's Facebook is absolutely one of those times where I was left with so many questions...

Living in Northern Illinois, Janesville, WI is a place I visit or drive by/through often, surely if this "black thong motorcycle man was for real", I would have seen him by now?!?

Well, my friends, all it took was reading through the post comments to determine this man is 100 percent the real deal and often spotted riding through parts of Southern Wisconsin wearing nothing but a black sling of string.

Wisconsin Loves The 'Black Thong Motorcycle Man"

Before I share some of the funniest comments I saw, please allow me to state for the record that I LOVE that this guy is out there living his best life with not a care about what other people may think. (I only wish he was wearing boots because riding a motorcycle shoeless seems mighty unwise).

Now here's proof that this man is really alive and well in Wisconsin...

I love that guy! Super nice, him and his partner gave me some pavers this spring.


I always see him outside watering his plants in the same black bottoms!


he rides through lake mills quite a bit too. All i can say is ouch if he ever goes down but that is one hell of a suntan


Great guy.he’s been around riding like this for years.


I saw him in Madison today!


I saw him on the interstate a few years back, but he was sporting a yellow banana hammock that day.

Many commenters also confirmed the man absolutely lives in Janesville, some even said he was born and raised there. So, now the only question left is;

What is your actual name, brave motorcycle thong man? If anyone knows, please send a message on the app!

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