The old Sycamore slogan "life offers more in Sycamore" is alive and well. Did you know that you can still park for a penny in Sycamore, IL?

Sycamore is one of the last remaining towns to have functioning penny parking meters. There are 300 coin-operated meters in the city and you can park for 12 minutes for one cent. An hour will cost you a nickel.

This sort of nostalgia is one of the attractions for folks who head to downtown Sycamore for dining or shopping. However, up until recently, the parking meters were in jeopardy of disappearing because they are so old that they were breaking and replacement parts became very difficult to find

There is good news to report, according to Daily-Chronicle newspaper,  Sycamore city officials will be heading to Joliet in about two weeks to pick up nearly 600 donated coin-operated parking meters. Recently, the Joliet City Council approved a motion declaring their old parking meters as surplus property. The town, like most nowadays,  recently switched over to battery-operated digital meters.

The donation of the old meters to Sycamore by the town of Joliet means there will now be enough parts the city can salvage to keep the town's penny parking meters working for the time being. Parts are expected to last for at least three years.

Nostalgia remains alive and well in Sycamore.