Raising money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is a big deal for all of us here at Q98.5, but that's no secret. We've all had the honor of visiting the hospital to see the amazing work they do first hand. We've talked to the patients, we've met their families. We know how much St. Jude means to them, but this year I learned something new that automatically brought tears to me eyes.

St. Jude literally thinks of everything when they are treating a patient. I am not just talking about their ground breaking research and treatments, or how a family never has to worry about seeing a bill for any of them. I am not just talking about how they follow a patient throughout their entire lives, even after the cancer is eliminated from their body, so they can be aware of the long term affects of their cancer treatments. I am not just taking about how they provide tutors so the kids can keep up with school, or how they throw parties and proms in an attempt to keep their patients' lives as normal as possible.

I am talking about how they think to provide a parent with the most precious and treasured gift they will ever receive when facing the darkest moment of their lives.

You see, not all St. Jude stories are success stories. Children's lives are still lost to cancer.

One of the newest members of the Q98.5 family was able to go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital this past January, and when she returned she told me an amazing story that a patient's mother shared during her visit.  When the realization came that this mother's son would not beat their cancer, and that the battle was almost over, St. Jude recorded her son's heartbeat. They then mixed it in with the tune "Baby Of Mine," and gave the recording to her so that this mother would always have a piece of her precious child to cherish forever. So she could listen to it anytime heaven feels way too far away.

In the midst of a family's deepest tragedies or biggest triumphs, St. Jude remembers what is most important: the child. How can we not support an amazing place like this?

Think about the life changing moment you first heard your child's heartbeat. Give thanks for the fact that you can still hear it, feel it, love it. Call 1-800-372-4999 or click here now to become a Q98.5 St. Jude Partner in Hope.

Thank you for supporting St. Jude.