Normally I wouldn't share a personal experience like this on such a public level, but I think it is a story I need to tell.

Last week my youngest daughter Harper was in the emergency room undergoing several tests for ongoing medical issues, and it was a completely unnerving experience for me as a parent.

Honestly, when my husband and I first decided it was time to take Harper to the emergency room for tests, I didn't really believe we had anything too serious to worry about. Then I saw her lying in a hospital bed with an IV in her arm and I'd never felt so helpless in my entire life.

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My mind started going places that my usually optimistic attitude doesn't allow. Could something major be wrong with my baby girl?!? Will I be strong enough to handle it if we receive bad news?  Are we about to undergo a life-or-death battle? Just typing these thoughts out makes me want to vomit.

After over 4 long hours filled with blood tests, throat cultures, and a CT we finally received the news I had NOT been preparing myself for...all her test results were fine. Thank GOD!

We are still working with Harper's pediatrician to figure out what is causing her ongoing stomach pain, but it made me realize many St. Jude families are living through this exact type of terror every single day and they need our support to make it through their darkest hours.

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While we waited for all of Harper's test results and I was sitting there thinking my what-if-it's-cancer thoughts, I found some peace of mind that there is a St.Jude Children's Research Hospital in this World. I knew without a doubt that if my family received the worst news ever, I would fight like hell to get my daughter treated at St.Jude.

St. Jude is only able to continue performing lifesaving treatments and research because of Partners In Hope that give $19 a month on their credit or debit card. The doors don't remain open and the treatments don't remain free thanks to large corporate donations, it's the "little" people like you and I sitting at home thinking about what it would be like to lose someone we love to cancer.

For your kids or anyone whose life has been ravaged by cancer, please call 1-800-372-4999 and become a Partner In Hope with St. Jude right now. You can also make your monthly gift online by clicking here.

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