Have you ever shopped somewhere so fun that you couldn't wait to hand them all your money? This is one of those places. "Here, take my money."

We often talk of how blessed we are in the 815, to have so many great spots for pizza. Those blessings also include some fantastic, locally owned, shops and stores.

In the last year and a half, many of the locally owned places we loved have had shut their dream down. Even with all the talent this town is filled with and all the sweat, hustle and swagger so many people in Rockford are drenched in, the covid pandemic has been brutal for business owners.

Like a duck's feet in the water; you don't see the mad frenzy to try to stay the course on the duck's face.

I say these things because there's a place in Rockford, the dream of two of the very kind of people I described above, who have achieved a Rockford Business milestone. I say these things because this needs to be a big celebration, wether you make it to the two-day party of your support them with your purchases in the store or online.

I regularly tell people the this store is also one of those places you go to find gifts for the most fun people in your life. It's also fantastic for those who are rather hard to shop for.

One of The Absolute Coolest Stores in Rockford is Celebrating 15 Years in Business

Culture Shock

Rockford's Culture Shock Clothing and Records has done something that many businesses in the area have not been able to do.

Culture Shock

Culture Shock owners, Lauren and Skylar, have thrown many parties and celebrations over the last 15 years, but I'd bet none have felt like this upcoming celebration will feel on September 24th and 25th.

Culture Shock

Lauren, who is also CEO of Winnebago Buy Local (a coalition of Rockford businesses working together to help one another succeed), sent me an email with all the celebration details:

If you miss any of this weekend's celebration, don't sweat it. There are some cool ways to still be a part celebrating Culture Shock and I'll share those below.

Celebration Sale is Friday & Saturday Sept 24th & 25th from 11am - 6pm  with 15% OFF all purchases

Culture Shock

The 15% off offer does not apply to vinyl or stereo gear.

Cool new Culture Shock merch will be available. Custom-designed Culture Shock Pins, Stickers, Slipmats, Mugs, Pint Glasses, Whiskey Glasses, Shirts and Sweaters

On Saturday, from 11am-3pm Culture Shock is bringing in two DJ's, Vic Monsta, and DJ Shortblackdude.

It's not a party unless there are some snacks

Authentic Latin street food truck, Sabores, will be on site along with or some cold brew from Velvet Robot Coffee.

Culture Shock is located at 2239 Charles Street in Rockford

Culture Shock

For the rest of September, when you order records at cultureshockshop.com type “Happy Anniversary” in the comments and they'll send you some FREE store merch with your order.

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