One of the best St. Patrick's Day celebrations finally returns to Illinois in 2022.

Illinois Knows How To Host Holidays

When it comes to holidays, Illinois really knows how to be a good host. I would put our celebrations against anywhere else. It does help to have a world-class city in our back pocket. Chicago is famous for its parties.


Top Holiday In Illinois

Of course, since Illinois is a great place to celebrate holidays but which is the best. For my money, I pick St. Patrick's Day. The whole city and surrounding communities are electric. There is nothing like drinking green beer in the Windy City.

St. Patrick's Day
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Top St. Patrick's Day Celebration In Illinois

Well, if St. Patrick's Day is the best holiday in Illinois, then where is the best party. In my opinion, it is the South Side Irish Parade. My mom considers "South Side Irish" one of her nationalities. Growing up, I learned firsthand the legend of their partying but I was way too young to participate.

St. Patrick's Day beer

When I was in college, I met some buddies from that area. I went to visit them a few times and found out quickly how hard those folks can party. At my first South Side Irish Parade, we lost one of our friends for the entire weekend. He finally showed up with a really bad hangover.

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At one point, the event got so crazy they had to actually cancel it for a couple of years to settle down the rowdy crowds. Now, that is what I call a party.

St. Patrick's Day 2016
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The South Side Irish Parade Returns

For the past couple of years, we have missed out on many amazing events. Well, we recently received some great news. The South Side Irish Parade will return in 2022 after being canceled for the last two years. It will be held on March 13th.

For more info, HERE.

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