If you live in Wisconsin or Illinois, you already know this place is the goods.

That doesn't mean we're the only folks who know about it, especially when you consider there are now restaurants all over the midwest including Texas and Florida.

That said, people who live on the west coast and the upper east coast of America can only dream about Butter Burgers and Cheese Curds from Culver's.

Eat This, Not That! put together a list of America's Best Regional Fast Food Chains for 2022 and casually placed Culver's as the 5th best overall.

Eat This, Not That! via MSN:

The Wisconsin-based burger chain took fifth place on USA Today's 2022 list. Culver's is beloved by fans for its Butter Burgers and fresh frozen custard. With about 780 stores total, concentrated primarily in the Midwest, the brand has a loyal following, closing nearly $2 billion in sales in 2020.

Loyal? People get engaged at Culver's. People who work at Culver's get engaged too.

My son also believes Culver's is part of the four major food groups.

Not like he's wrong, but I figured I needed to explain to you just how much people love Culver's.

Eat This, Not That! says Washington-based Dick's Drive-In is the best regional fast-food chain in America. You can only get that stuff in Washington only.

Culver's is nearly nationwide. The minute they get into Washington, I have a feeling this list is going to change.

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