In case you didn't know, Governor J.B. Pritzker has declared October as Cyber Security Awareness Month in Illinois, and the number of threats that get reported to Winnebago County IT officials is pretty astounding.

According to WIFR;

Gus Gentner, Winnebago County's Chief Information officer, says there has been one cyber threat daily to the county over the past year.

Every day someone falls victim to a cyber threat in Winnebago County?!? That's pretty alarming. So, what can we do to protect ourselves? Gentner told WIFR that he suggests people "use strong passwords, avoid clicking on anything that seems suspicious and updating anti-virus software".

Gentner also suggested not using the same login and password for every website you sign up for accounts on (ex., Target, Walmart, etc.), because doing so is extremely hazardous and easy for hackers to gain access to.

Please excuse while I change all my log in information now...

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