Hungry + Angry = "Hangry"

What exactly is the definition of "hangry"? The Oxford dictionary says -

Bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.
Personally, I get VERY hangry when I haven't eaten. It's funny I kind of have a threshold when it comes to my level of hunger and how angry I get. I will be a little irritable, then I'll warn whoever is with me that I'm REALLY hungry. And I'll fully say "You've been warned, what happens next could get ugly". Then when I get hangry, game over.

Apparently I'm a rare breed in Illinois, which makes me seem like even more of a psycho when I get hangry. A new survey ranked each state based on how hangry they get. So where did Illinois rank?

Let's take a look at the map.


Well, look at that Illinois, turns out we can really keep our cool when our stomach is rumbling with hunger. Personally, can't relate.

Here's how Zippia ranked the states -

  • Fast food joints per capita
  • Number of Walmarts
  • Search volume for “hanger”
  • Break laws for workers in each state
  • Percent of adults with diabetes

Here's the top ten hangriest states -

  1. Maine
  2. Mississippi
  3. Alaska
  4. Vermont
  5. South Dakota
  6. Idaho
  7. West Virginia
  8. Oregon
  9. Montana
  10. Rhode Island

I can't figure out why those states ranked at the top. But this measurement of hangry was pretty hilarious to me -

To measure this, we ranked each state on the number of fast food restaurants per capita, using data from Datafiniti. The less fast food restaurants (aka the less access to Big Macs, chicken nuggets, etc in a convenient 5 minute loop), the hangrier.

So next time you're hangry and someone complains, just remind them you're unique and special ... and hungry.


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