You know what they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

I think that phrase can totally be applied to "trashy beers". Also, if your favorite beer is on this list of so-called trashy beers, please don't be offended. For starters, I didn't make the list. Secondly, let's be honest, would you really consider your favorite a "high class" beverage?

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Either way, this new list revealed each state's favorite cheap brew. By "trashy" they don't really mean bad. Here's what they mean -

Craft beer isn’t for everyone. So, if IPA sounds more like IP-’eh’ to you, then you probably enjoy returning to your college roots and downing a PBR at backyard gatherings or stocking your fridges with Keystone Light. Trashy? Maybe. But sometimes, the humblest beers are the most celebrated—not to mention the cheapest option when you want to crack a cold one.


So now that we've made sure you aren't too insulted that your favorite is on the list, let's check out what the favorite beer is in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Illinois - Miller Lite

Wisconsin - Old Style

It makes a lot of sense considering each beer is native to the state.


The most popular beer overall ended up being Natural Light in ten states.

So what were the least popular beers?

  • Keystone Light in 2 states
  • Miller Lite in 2 states
  • Stroh's in 2 states

I guess that makes Ilinois unique? Either way, it just goes to show we're loyal to our roots.


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