No, not that kind of baking but marijuana is legal in Illinois, so who knows?

While I'm sure getting "baked" was and still is very popular in Illinois, considering how much money dispensaries are raking in right now, I'm talking about the actual act of baking.

Making baked goods at home was so popular this past spring, that at the height of lockdown in Illinois, I couldn't find yeast at the grocery store.

Any other time, there would be a ton of it on store shelves but because everyone was at home, many of us decided to bake bread.

While Illinois' most popular thing to bake wasn't actually bread, it was something you can grab from Starbucks at any time. Truthfully, I haven't noticed them at other places but I'm sure you can probably pick them up at most any bakery in Illinois.

Zippia's "What Each State Quarantine Baking The Most," says Illinois' most popular item is Cake Pops. Full disclosure, I've never had a Cake Pop. We're also baking something called Foam Cake in Illinois. Maybe it's just me but Foam Cake looks awfully similar to Sponge Cake.

Colorful cake pops
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Either way, just thinking about both of these delicious looking desserts got me hankering to give them a shot at home too. I found a couple of easy to bake recipes for both Cake Pops and Foam Cake.

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