This quarantine has made me feel WAY too confident in the kitchen. I don't know about you, but during lockdown it's felt like all my social media contains is pictures of delicious food. So then obviously I have to try them. Or maybe it's just a random craving that hits that you actually finally have time to make.

Whatever it is, we've been spending A LOT more time in the kitchen since march. And we've also been Googling a lot of recipes. But per usual, every state has their own random recipe. So what's Illinois' most searched recipe right now?

Egg salad.

*Cue disappointing trumpet noise*

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE egg salad. I'm even a little freaked out because I actually Googled the recipe for it a week or two ago. But I can't lie, I miss the days where our most searched recipes were fun things like whipped coffee and sourdough bread.

But it looks like right now egg salad is what Illinois is craving. Here's what MSN details -

When it comes to comfort food, egg salad is definitely at the top of the list. Illinois was all about making egg salad in quarantine, and we have the perfect (and healthy) recipe you can make.

I'm really feeling Wisconsin's vibe though - Mojito's.

According to MSN -

While most of the country is baking bread, Wisconsin joined a few other states sipping on cocktails, particularly mojitos.

Egg salad is good, but mojito's are better.

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