In case you missed it, the 17 year cicadas you learned about in school are supposed to return this summer.

I personally have yet to see any, but I've seen videos of people hearing the sound of cicadas around Rockford. Now that's its finally really hot out, I think they're going to start to emerge from the ground.

We recently put out a list of fun(?) facts about cicadas. If you want you can check that out here -

6 Interesting But Unsettling Facts About The Cicadas Coming to Illinois

On that list, we included a link to a cicada cook book. Yeah, you read that right, a CICADA cook book.

The cook book titled "Cicada-licious" was created by some University of Maryland Cicadamaniacs. It's filled with recipes from cicada stir fry, to cicada tacos, and even Cicada-Rhubarb Pie if you're more of a sweets lover.

But this recipe suggestion also comes with a warning. You should NOT eat cicadas if you have a certain allergy. It's actually an allergy I had for a few years a while back that went away. So what's that allergy?


I know what you're thinking ... WHAT? That was my reaction too. But it was announced by the FDA so in case you didn't think it was a legit warning, it is.

What a weird fact you never know you needed to know. Ever wanted to know what a cicada looks like before it hatches? Well, even if you didn't, you're going to find out. You're welcome.

So if you have a shellfish allergy, I regret to inform you, you probably shouldn't try any cicada recipes this summer.


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