The 'Millenium Fountain" located in downtown Rockford by the City Market Pavillion is headed for a major upgrade this summer that all families will love.

Do you Splash Around in Rockford's Millenium Fountain?

If you've ever been to Rockford City Market on a hot Friday night during the summer, I'm willing to bet you, or most likely your children, have splashed around in the cool water of the Millenium Fountain.

Honestly, I have never let my children do it because I feel like the water that comes from it is less than sanitary.  Is the water coming straight from the river? Is it constantly recycling the same water? (It's often used as a shower by our homeless community). Turns out, I was right...for the most part.

The Millenium Fountain was never truly intended for public use, and the water that flows through it is recycled drain water. The City of Rockford knows that MANY families use the fountain as a fun way to cool down in the summer, so now they have decided to finally upgrade it to an official splash pad.

New Splash Pad Coming Soon to Rockford

After years of innocent misuse by the community, the Millenium Fountain in downtown Rockford will be transformed into a legitimate splash pad later this summer. The most important part of the Fountain's upgrade will be the plumbing.

Rockford’s director of Public Works, Kyle Saunders, recently told;

this new splash pad will [allow people] to … play in, and [the water will be] treated. So, it will be water-to-waste, but it will be more activated high efficiency, so we’re not wasting water resources.”

It is unclear at this time if this Millenium Fountain upgrade will include new splash features, but it will include updated landscaping around it. The new splash pad still needs to be approved by the full City Council, but if it does, construction will begin early this summer and be completed by August. (Hopefully!)

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