There's a small town just south of the Illinois River with a classic drive-in that's a throwback to the 60s, and they feature Root Beer on tap that's the best I've ever had.

Just a Short Drive Off the Interstate is This Roadside Gem

During a trip heading south of Rockford a couple of weeks ago, it was meant to be that my fuel low light came on while driving down I-39 just before Exit 54 and I had the pleasure of visiting the little city of Oglesby, Illinois.

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According to their official website, the city of Oglesby is "located at the gateway to Starved Rock State Park, Oglesby takes pride in its small-town feel and wide-ranging amenities."

Here is One of Oglesby, Illinois' Best Amenities

After fueling up in Oglesby, I noticed a small sign advertising a local restaurant called "The Root Beer Stand" which also showed up on one of my favorite travel websites.

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Roadside America features the locations of the country's best roadside attractions and oddities, like America's Second Largest Cross, or the World's Largest Rhubarb, both of which are located in Illinois.

The Statue at The Root Beer Stand is A Roadside Attraction

An A&W statue from the 1960s called "Woody The Root Beer Man" stands proudly on North Columbia Avenue in front of The Root Beer Stand in Oglesby.

Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent

The drive-in still has the menus and call boxes at each parking spot, but when you're ready to make an order you will have to walk inside.

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It's Worth The Drive Just to Pick Up a Gallon of Root Beer

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When I was waiting to make my order several people stopped in on their drive-through the area just to get a gallon of their Root Beer to go, and it was poured right out of the tap.

Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent

The owner of the Root Beer Stand took my order and when I asked him about the history of the drive-in, he said his dad opened it back in the 1960s until he recently took it over when his father passed away in March 2022.

CLICK HERE to find out more about The Root Beer Stand in Oglesby, IL.

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