When our weather eventually starts to warm up in northern Illinois with more spring-like temperatures, we live in the perfect place to go on a day trip to some of the best towns in America.

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Even the Illinois tourism catchphrase promotes that we're "in the middle of everything" which means our location in the Midwest puts us within a half-day drive to all some of our great small towns.

These Are the Top 10 Best Small Towns in the U.S. to Visit

Some of the best small towns in America are in Illinois, like Woodstock and Naperville. In Wisconsin, my other favorites are Cedarburg, Waukesha, and Port Washington.

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A new ranking of smaller towns in Illinois and Wisconsin shows these are the best places to live or visit and have fewer than 10,000 residents:

55 - Galena, Illinois

Always worth the 90-minute drive from Rockford to visit the shops, eat at the great restaurants, and see all the history Galena has to offer.

45 - Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Feels like you stepped back in time when visiting Mineral Point where they say it's where "Wisconsin Began."

41 - Hayward, Wisconsin

Hiking, biking, camping, fishing, you can find everything to love about the outdoors in Hayward.

3 - Stockholm, Wisconsin

There are only 65 residents of Stockholm, Wisconsin but the Swedish heritage brings thousands to visit the quaint shops and cafes.

What Are the 2 Best Small Towns in the U.S. to Live in or Visit?

The 2nd Best Small Town to Visit according to the ranking from Far and Wide is Mooresville, Alabama.

According to Far and Wide, the Best Small Town in America to Live or Visit is Menowi, Nebraska, which has only 1 single resident.

Not sure I agree with that ranking, but you can CLICK HERE to see the Top 100 Best Small Towns in America.

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