Jolly Ranchers are fine but are they really the most popular Halloween candy in Illinois?

I just don't see myself lunging for a bag of Jolly Ranchers to get that all-important candy fix.

On the other hand, I'll eat Reese's Peanut Butter Cup all day. I'll even take a Kit Kat but a Jolly Rancher? I'm a hard pass on that hard candy.

Illinois is the only state in the country that chooses Jolly Ranchers as their favorite and the only one to choose hard candy.

In order to put together the list, "surveyed 2,004 people living in residential neighborhoods. 40 percent of respondents reported having children who still trick-or-treat, and the average age of respondents was 38 years old."

Reese's Peanut Butters Cups was the most popular Halloween candy among the 50 states with it being the top choice in 12 different states including Iowa and Missouri.

Just north of Rockford, the top choice for Wisconsin when it came to Halloween candy was Pretzel M&M's.

Chicago's choice for favorite Halloween candy was Kit Kat.

The most unpopular candy in Illinois? Circus Peanuts. I made that part up but if they did a scientific study, it would most definitely be Circus Peanuts.

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