The peanut butter and chocolate combo geniuses at Reese's have created a robot door that dispenses candy hands-free.

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Reese's released a statement that says this one of a kind candy dispensing robotic door is just what the world needs right now. I can 100% agree with that! How it works is if it rolls up to your door simply say trick-or-treat and your candy comes out through the mailslot.

And this door isn't just passing out full-size candy, oh no, they're going KING-Size!! Because and I quote "why not". Nice move Reese's nice move.

The robotic door can be controlled via a remote some 5,000 feet away with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that is voice-activated by the magic words trick-or-treat.

They're taking a step further by asking where this sweet treat smile maker should roll-up next too.

Simply head to the post below on Resse's Instagram and let them know they should make a stop in Rockford, Loves Park, Machesney Park, and you see where I'm going here. Let's get them to come to the Forest City! Just be sure to use the hashtag #ReesesDoor.

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