This weekend, a Christmas movie double feature will be playing at the drive-in theater in Monroe, Wisconsin.

One thing I really look forward to over the holidays is watching Christmas movies and television show specials. There are only a few weeks of the year you can watch them.

For me, the season is Thanksgiving until New Year's Day. Anytime before or after, I won't watch them. So that means I basically have about six weeks to fit all my favorites in before they are gone until next year.

In my opinion for the must-see, there are the big three. Don't get me wrong, there are several more I enjoy checking out but this trio goes above and beyond. Check out my list.

3. Elf - Will Ferrell is a comedic genius in this one.

2. Chicago Vacation - Clark Griswold is the ultimate family comedy father.

1. Christmas Story - Weren't we all Ralphie at some time in our lives.

I'll actually make sure I find enough time for multiple viewings of all of them. I don't have to ever worry about Christmas Story because there's a marathon every year on Christmas Eve until Christmas Day. That's always on my family's TV each year, so I'll watch it plenty of times then.

As for the other two, it's all about catching when they are on which is usually numerous times. There's a new way I would like to see them this time around. They are going to be showing together at the drive-in in Monroe, Wisconsin which is a short driving distance from Rockford.

Drive-ins made a huge comeback this year, I went a couple of times during the summer and it was a lot of fun. I recommend checking one out if you haven't yet. It might be a little chilly but guess what, you get to stay in your car.

Here's this deal This Friday, November 20th and Saturday, November 21st Elf and Christmas Vacation at Sky-Vu Drive-In Theater in Monroe, Wisconsin.

For more info, HERE.

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