Classic Christmas movies and caroling to be featured at Chicago drive-in.

My father taught me to find the good when times are tough. Believe it or not, there is a silver lining in this crazy 2020. Immediate families are spending more time together and bonding. They are also coming up with creative ideas to keep themselves busy. People are learning how to adjust to the times. Old traditions are missed but being replaced with new memorable ones. Even some old forgotten activities are making comebacks.

The holiday season has started and they are going to definitely be different this year. That's when the good things about 2020 are really going to have to shine. If you're willing to be open-minded, then you will still have an amazing adventure.

Speaking of once-popular events that have made a return, the drive-in movie theater has to be at least nominated as the comeback player of the year. They were facing extinction but now even pop-up ones are thriving. I'm personally so excited about that. They are so much fun for the whole family.

So, why don't we combine all of these things together to create a brand new holiday tradition? Getting into the holiday spirit with some classic Christmas movies and songs. If that sounds like something that interests you, then I've got something you might want to check out.

According to,

"The Music Box is taking its annual screenings of classic holiday films to the drive-in. You'll be able to treat your eyeballs to some seasonal cheer by following Jimmy Stewart’s path to redemption in It’s A Wonderful Life or singing along with Bing Crosby in White Christmas, playing back-to-back during eight screenings at the Chi-Town Movies Drive-in. The outdoor event is accompanied by a pre-recorded version of the pre-show sing-along, allowing attendees to belt out carols in the car with accompaniment from Music Box organist Dennis Scott."

To me, that sounds like a safe and socially distanced good time.

For more info, HERE.

If you don't feel comfortable with that or you don't want to make the trip to Chicago, there's also an at-home streaming version.

For more info, HERE.

My suggestion is don't let all the madness get you down and ruin your holiday fun. Make the best of it and enjoy what's available for you and the family.

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