It was week two of our new trivia game "The Morning Perk" and so far people are loving it. 

Here are the questions, answers and winners from last week. This week, we are giving away a pair of passes to the Milwaukee Zoo. So make sure to be listening each weekday around 6:40.

Wake Up Club Morning Perk Trivia (Week of 8/22-8/26)

Monday: According to a USA Today survey, about 1 in 10 American men say this about their wardrobe.

Answer: Their mom picks out their clothes

Winner: Brenda from Belvidere

Tuesday: About 5 % of drivers admitted this bit of bad behavior. What is it?

Answer: Key A Car

Winner: Tracy from Beloit

Wednesday: 40% of moms admit to wearing this to drive their kids to school in the morning. What is it?

Answer: Pajamas

Winner: Demetra from Rockford

Thursday: According to a survey, 54% of women said they are too shy to wear this. What is it?

Answer: Red Lipstick

Winner: Tiffany from Winnebago

Friday: Alaska has a higher percentage of these type of men while Oklahoma has the lowest percentage of men doing this. What is it?

Answer: Men who have never been married.

Winner: Greg from Belvidere

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