Sean and Shannon from the Wake Up Crew decided that we needed to brighten up the mornings with a feel good story. That is where we needed your help for a name. 

Every weekday morning at 7:20, Shannon and I will bring some good news to the Rockford area. It will be either a local story or a story from around the country that highlights something positive going on in the world.

There was only one thing missing and that would be a name for the segment. I had originally called it "This Will Make You Happy". Shannon did not like the name so she wanted to call it something else. We both decided that  you should have a say in what the name should be.

The results are in and the winner is.....................The Good Stuff.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Now, if you have any good stuff to share with us, share it with me by sending me an email at and we'll feature it in the morning.

Let's keep positivity in the forefront and share what is good in Rockford.

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