It has been another fun week in the mornings and that includes giving away some great stuff with our Morning Perk Trivia Question.

This week we gave away some delicious cupcakes from Sugar Jones Bakery. Next week, we will be giving away some free food to Der RathSkeller.

Remember to listen every weekday morning for your chance to win.

In cased you missed what we asked, here are the questions and answers.

Q98.5 MORNING PERK TRIVIA QUESTIONS (week of 1/16/17– 1/20/17)

Monday’s Question: There is no official time limit on this, but the longest one on record was two minutes, thirty-five seconds. What is it?

Answer: The Super Bowl National Anthem.

Winner: Dave from Stillman Valley

Tuesday’s Question: According to a recent WE-TV survey, 45% of Americans say they had to get rid of this after a romantic split. What is it?

Answer:A song they shared with their ex

Winner: Melissa of Rockton

Wednesday’s Question: According to a new Relationship Confessions survey, 41% of women are "dreading" this upcoming experience. What is it?

Answer: Valentine's Day

Winner: Liz of Kingston

Thursday’s Question: According to a new study, 51% of us pay no attention to this when reading the news online. What is it?

Answer: The comments section below the articles. Only 14% of us actually leave comments.

Winner: Ali from Genoa

Friday’s Question: Florida is the only state that makes you get a licence to do this. What is it?

Answer: Ride a skateboard in public.

Winner: Ethan of German Valley

Congrats to all of our local winners

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