You know me. I love to cook but hate feeling like I'm chained to the kitchen.

If there's any way to shave some time off I'm all for it.

If you're hosting the Thanksgiving meal this year, you can save some time by Microwaving the whole meal!

That's right you can microwave the whole meal, including the turkey.

Now, you might think I'm crazy but I'm not. has the whole layout of how you can cook your entire Thanksgiving meal by using your microwave.

That meals your turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, candied yams and apple crisp for dessert  can all be made right from your microwave.

Check this link out for recipes and instructions on "How to cook Thanksgiving dinner in your microwave."

Wow! How crazy, cool is that!

Now you can get yourself out of the kitchen to enjoy your day and have two more things to be thankful for. One: a microwave. Two: getting to spend more time with your family and friends.

You're welcome!