Microwave your Thanksgiving Meal
You know me. I love to cook but hate feeling like I'm chained to the kitchen.
If there's any way to shave some time off I'm all for it.
If you're hosting the Thanksgiving meal this year, you can save some time by Microwaving the whole meal!
Save Time and Microwave
If you're like me saving time in the kitchen is a must.
One great time saving invention was the household microwave.
They do so much in our food preparations. Have you ever considered using them for peeling your fruit or vegetables...
Fresh Corn on the Cob Microwaved [Video]
I found a interesting recipe to steam your corn on cob in your microwave.
Here's my two step video process of trying it out.
Step 1- Steaming Corn on the Cob
Step 2- Unwrapping Corn on the Cob
It turned out tasty. I just needed a video assistant...