If you're like me saving time in the kitchen is a must.

One great time saving invention was the household microwave.

They do so much in our food preparations. Have you ever considered using them for peeling your fruit or vegetables?

There are few great ideas in here that can really be time savers. I'm all for that.

Here's a few of the unique uses:

Chopping Onions - Microwaving them will stop you from tearing up while chopping them. No more need to keep a towel on your shoulder to wipe your eyes.

Peeling Fruit/ Veggies - Microwaving them for a few seconds and you will have easy to peel fruits and vegetables. No more gouging and tearing up your produce.

Soften hardened brown sugar. I can't tell you how many times I went to make cookies and the brown sugar was as hard as a rock.

Check out this link for more great ideas.



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