McDonald's abandoned McBarge restaurant is set for a make over after be left alone for 30 years.

According to WGN, The floating McDonald's, or McBarge, was built in Vancouver 1986 for "Expo 86, part of the World's Fair." At the time it cost $9 million dollars to build.

Th plan for the floating restuarant at the time after the Expo "was to move it to a new location. However, the restaurant lost its novelty and was abandoned."

Now fast forward 30 years and the barge will be seeing new signs of life as a $3 million make over is set to take place on the vacant restaurant, according to Howard Meakin, President of Sturgeon's Development who bought it back in 1999.

After it is restored, the plan for the barge remains yet another secret. Sturgeon Development has remained quiet on their future plans for the old McDonald's.

To see more pictures of the dilapidated McDonald's, click here.

Wow! I had no idea McDonald's made a floating restaurant, did you?

If you had McBarge, what would you do with it? Wouldn't it be cool if Rockford had something like that to cruise up and down the Rock River. Kind of like the Maxon Manor paddle boat in Oregon. It would certainly be a step up from the Forest City Queen that cruises the Rock in the summer. Think of all the wedding receptions and parties you could have on the boat?